downloadYou never know what Mother Nature is going to throw your way, especially this time of year. Thunderstorms are a regular event and tornado and hurricane warnings have already been popping up. Being prepared for these unexpected situations is vital when you are caring for a senior. Here are a few questions to ask yourself about your emergency preparedness:

1. Is the senior able to call 911 and ask for help? Do they have a cell phone that they know to keep charged in case there is  a phone outage?

2. Do you have neighbors who could check on the senior or allow the senior to take shelter with them in their home?

3. If the electricity goes out, does the senior have access to candles and are they safe to light them?

4. Make an emergency plan and put it in writing. If you have a caregiver, make sure that they are aware of the plan.

5. Make sure you have a week’s supply of prescription medications.

6. Stock the house with food that can be easily eaten and doesn’t require refrigeration.

7. Make sure that you have an emergency phone list posted in different areas of the home.


At One on One Care, our aides are trained on how to handle emergency situations, from fire to floods. Our 24 hour on-call coordinator is there to assist with providing contact between the senior and their family and to ensure that the senior is not stranded with out the help that they need. These emergencies don’t happen often, but if they do you will be glad you were prepared!