552_thumbnail_image (1)Managing a senior’s medication regime, especially if they are unable to do so for themselves, is a complex task. A lack of medication monitoring can result in non-compliance or double-dosing, both of which can be detrimental to a senior’s health. There are several technologies available that can offer medication reminders, or even dispense the medication at the designated time. Here are a few examples:

MyMedSchedule App

“MyMedSchedule Mobile is a secure medication schedule and reminder program, complete with pictures of your pills. It allows you to create and save easy-to-understand medication schedules. Each MyMedSchedule shows what times you should take your medications or supplements, how much to take, and the purpose.”

Cadex Medication Alarm Watch

This device can be programmed with up to 12 alarms which notify the senior when they need to take a medication. It tells them the dose and the name of the medication. The watch can also be programmed with all the senior’s medical information, which can be essential to medical staff in the case of an emergency.

Philip’s Medication Dispensing Service

The caregiver loads the medication into individual cups and put them into the dispenser. Philip’s Lifeline programs the dispenser according to the senior’s medication schedule. The Dispenser beeps when the senior needs to take their medication. The senior pushes a button to dispense the medication. If a dose is missed, the dispenser can be programmed to notify the senior or a family member by phone.