You may be concerned about your loved one’s recent forgetfulness or inability to remember appointments or other details. Is it normal “senior moments” or early signs of Dementia? Some commons early symptoms of dementia include memory loss or behavioral changes. However, you should also keep in mind the lesser known symptoms listed below.

1. Use of insensitive or unkind words. If you notice that your loved one who is usually sweet and sensitive, is suddenly saying inappropriate or hurtful things, this is not a normal sign of aging.

2. Inability to detect sarcasm or untruthfulness. Certain degenerative brain diseases can cause a person to have difficulty distinguishing lies from truth.

3. Issues with balance. The earliest signs of dementia are sometimes physical rather than mental. If you notice your senior has been having difficulty walking or has had recent slips or falls, you should consider if they have exhibited any other signs that may point to dementia.

4. Odd eating habits. Eating spoiled food or suddenly having unusual cravings for sweet foods can be an indication of dementia.

If your loved one is experiencing any of these symptoms, be sure to let their doctor know right away. Dementia is a difficult and frustrating diagnosis, but the sooner you can find out, the better prepared you can be to make sure that your loved one is safe and receiving the proper care.